Either you have the feeling or you don't.

(emotional fluffer) Arianna: turning lemonade into lemons since 1991. "Life sucks and then it gets better and then it sucks again and then it just sucks." Sono molto anche se non sono abbastanza.  lil sebastians
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The Offspring,


The Offspring - Why Don’t You Get A Job?

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I got that comic con, comic con sadness

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You’re not your worst part.

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Why do adults think “So what’s your major? Oh, and what are you going to do with that?” is acceptable small talk

What am I going to do with my degree? Hang it on the wall and cry, probably

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I personally love the fact that there is a real romantic comedy on television that is just like a serialized short film that we get to see a new chapter of every week. And I feel like the people who want to write stories for grownups are going to end up doing it on television instead of film.
Mike Schur on The Mindy Project (x)


Concerto per pennino

Bozza di illustrazione; la versione definitiva è arrivata tra i 10 finalisti del premio di illustrazione Antipodi, organizzato dall’Inchiostro Festival di Alessandria.